My favourite genres

When I first actually started to like reading, which was only around a year and a half ago, the book that got me started was The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. My friend, Kirrily (whose blog is ), actually showed me this book. I guess this was sort of the push, that got me started with liking reading. It’s kind of sad really, that for the first 15 and a bit years of my life, the only books that I read were the ones that were compulsory for school.

But bam. In February 2015, my other friend and I were suddenly obsessed… and I mean OBSESSED… with books. We would go to the library and borrow 10-20 books at a time, renew them a few times, and end up returning them, only reading one or two of them. It was a rookie error, and looking back, I found that I could really relate to the EpicReads video about the girl who started liking to read and was entirely obsessed and also I can relate to this one, which was me, BEFORE I liked to read: YouTube! This was me… All those years wasted thinking that I hated the bookstore, when really, deep inside of me, it was where I belonged.

tumblr_mkqwoacf2r1qdlytco1_500Anyway, once I started reading more, I was drawn to heaps and heaps of YA Crime fiction books, because, with my new-bookaholic mind, I clearly thought that oh! There could not POSSIBLY be any other genres of books out there… BUT WAIT! Goodreads made its way into my life and… you will never guess. THERE ARE OTHER GENRES OUT THERE?! *the crowd gasps*

It was probably Red Queen that actually made me start liking Dystopian/Fantasy novels, and it was The Selection that made me fall in love with Romance ones. But it wasn’t until this year that I actually liked contemporary novels. I seemed to think that the only contemporary novels around were the annoying stereotypical clichè novels, but my eyes really opened when I realised that there are other ones out there, and that even the stereotypical ones aren’t all that bad.

(Photo credit: Epic Reads)

My favourite genres now, are basically all Young Adult Fiction books! But I especially like romance, contemporary with a twist, a little bit of fantasy, and dystopian.

Anyway… I hope this post wasn’t too bad, and that you enjoyed hearing about my cringe-worthy reading journey.

Happy reading!



One thought on “My favourite genres

  1. Ara | The Bookish Agenda says:

    I am so happy that you discovered the love of reading!! ❤ My favorite genre is Young Adult Contemporary and Historical Fiction :))

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