The Program

So I’m sitting on my bed, looking at my bookshelf, trying to decide what to read, and, even though I still have 65 books, (out of the 140 books that I own), that I have not read yet, my eyes flick to The Program, which I have already read before! As soon as I start reading it, I remember how much I loved it the first time.

The Program, by Suzanne Young is a book about depression in teens, and if there was a treatment for it, this is how it could turn out, aka The Program. It sounds sort of morbid, but the romance, humour and drama makes it almost impossible to put down. I guarantee you won’t regret reading it!

The main character, Sloane, is a really strong-willed, and role model character that I found pretty relatable and basically… awesome.

the program

In Sloane’s world, true feelings are forbidden, teen suicide is an epidemic, and the only solution is The Program.

Sloane knows better than to cry in front of anyone. With suicide now an international epidemic, one outburst could land her in The Program, the only proven course of treatment. Sloane’s parents have already lost one child; Sloane knows they’ll do anything to keep her alive. She also knows that everyone who’s been through The Program returns as a blank slate. Because their depression is gone—but so are their memories.

Under constant surveillance at home and at school, Sloane puts on a brave face and keeps her feelings buried as deep as she can. The only person Sloane can be herself with is James. He’s promised to keep them both safe and out of treatment, and Sloane knows their love is strong enough to withstand anything. But despite the promises they made to each other, it’s getting harder to hide the truth. They are both growing weaker. Depression is setting in. And The Program is coming for them. (Goodreads summary)

I rated The Program 5 stars.

Currently reading:

Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1) Sara Raasch

(I’ll be reviewing another one of Suzanne Young’s books pretty soon so stay tuned!)


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