3. Can’t Wait 2016

Since the beginning of the year, I have been looking forward to so many books that are coming out in 2016. Narrowing it down to my Top 5 might just kill me, so this is the third post of this series. (Click here to view the first and second posts)

7. Untitled by Marissa Meyer

This novel has yet to be revealed. All I know about it is that it is about superheroes and villains. I am quite excited for this book, especially the name and cover reveal. I actually have never read a book about superheroes, and since my favourite YouTuber, Sasha Alsberg, aka ABookUtopia, is still writing a novel about superheroes and villains for NaNoWriMo, I am even more excited for both of them. Marissa Meyer’s novel should be published near the end of 2016.

8. Ruined by Amy Tintera

26072584On Amy Tintera’s blog, she describes her third novel as being a cross between Throne of Glass (Sarah J Maas) and The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Rae Carson). I have not actually read either of them, but they are both high up on my TBR list.

RUINED follows a princess out for revenge as she infiltrates the ruling kingdom’s royal family by pretending to be the prince’s fiancée. (Amy Tintera)

This book sounds really cool, and as a high fantasy YA novel-lover, I am looking forward to this book.

9. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

20983362I found out about Passenger from ABookUtopia. Sasha was given an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy), and I was very jealous! She posted a video about her favourite books, and Passenger is the second book in the video. Go check it out for a summary from someone who has actually read it.

I also love this cover. It is so detailed and I am kind of looking forward to reading the book so that I can understand the cover a bit more.

This book sounds so interesting, since it has time travel and music in it. I am a bit of a Whovian, and I also love playing and making music. This book comes out in February 2016.

Currently Reading:

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

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2 thoughts on “3. Can’t Wait 2016

  1. Lekeisha says:

    Passenger is definitely the book to read in 2016. I read it in one sitting a couple of weeks ago, and can’t stop thinking about all of the imagery and characters. Very well written also. I’m on the blog tour in January, so make sure you stop by to read my thoughts and enter the giveaway!

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